Beat the Heat at Disneyland

Beat the Heat at Disneyland! A Mom’s Tips!

Ok, face it.   It can be HOT at Disneyland!  As I write this, I hear Disneyland will hit triple digit weather.  Eeek!   It got me to thinking of what I would do if I was at Disneyland today, and how I would beat the heat.   What would I do if my kids were younger and what could those with families do.   So, in no particular order there some helpful tips to keep a bit cooler on those extra hot days.  Please remember common sense tips as well, stay hydrated, put sun screen on the family, don’t overexert yourself and know the signs of heat stroke.

  1. Try to save eating lunch until  2-3 pm, this is the hottest time of the day.  Find a restaurant in Disney that has AC or just sit and relax during the hottest time of the day, finding some shade works well.  My favorite “shade” spot to sit and relax is in between New Orlean Square and the Haunted Mansion.
  2. I don’t particularly like this one, but if it “that” hot, I may do this.  Start your day out early, then when it the weather gets the hottest, (about 2 to 5) take a break and go swimming at the hotel.  This wouldn’t work for residents, but for those of us who have to travel to Disneyland, there is a good chance the hotel has a pool. (I am not a fan of leaving the park though!)
  3. When it is super hot in the park I will take turns (because I know the line is long) standing in line for a Dole Pineapple Whip for my son and I personally just love the plain Dole Pineapple juice.  We do buy from inside the Enchanted Tiki Room line and then go into the Enchanted Tiki Room show.  It is SO nicely air conditioned and you can bring your drink in.
  4. If I know it is going to be a scorcher, I will get a fast pass timed for 3 or so pm for Splash Mountain or Grizzly Peak, depending on which park I am at.  Both rides get you really wet and refreshed for a bit!
  5. Buy a drink with ice, then give your kids, ice chips for a while.
  6. Frozen and the Hyperion Theatre is another good choice for being cool.
  7. Try staying in the same area for rides instead of criss crossing the park and doing a lot of walking on a hot day.
  8. During the hottest time of the day, I ride the train.  Yes, it is open but moving is refreshing and it is just a nice way to beat the heat with a bit less walking.
  9. Plan your day around the heat, my tips include going to the longer indoor rides during the hottest time and plan the outdoor rides for the morning and the evenings.
  10. Plan in the same area,  You do have to deal with lines, but it may not be the best idea to go from the coolness of the Pirates of the Caribbean then decide to sit 45 minutes at the Hyperion Theatre then back to Disneyland to go to It’s a Small World.


What do you do when it is overly hot?  Please share your helpful tips below.

Post Author: susan