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Wish Upon A Disney Ride Reviews

The Wish Upon A Disney Review a Ride section of the blog is where we will review the all the Disney Resorts worldwide rides and attractions.  Once again, this is also a great section where we can get Wish Upon a Disney viewers help!  If you have any strong thoughts or feelings on any ride or show at any of the Disney Resorts, write up a quick review.  If you are able, snap a picture or a video  and send it in!  My goal is to review as many as I can, and realistically this IS possible (unlike reviewing the dining options, cool goal to have)!  But getting different opinions and thoughts from my fellow Disney addicts help would make this section awesome!

With so many Disney addicts, we can cover ride reviews from all the Disney Resorts in Florida, Disneyland in California, as well as Paris, Japan and Shanghai.  Has anyone been able to experience the activities at the Aulani or the activities on one of the Disney Cruise Line boats?   This is the place to share!

Here are my super simple instructions!
  1. Go to any Disney Park or Hotel.
  2. Pick your favorite ride, or that new ride you have never been on, or one that has great memories.  You can even review the shows and shops!
  3. Write a short review, it would be nice to some of the details about the ride, bumpy, great music, etc.  If you can snap a picture of  the ride, that is even better!  We would love to hear your personal story.
  4. Send it to susan@wishuponadisney.com

That is it!  Thanks to anyone who will contribute in advance!  In time this will be a really informative section with great stories!


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