Disneyland time lapse

Time Lapse People Watching At Disneyland

This is a Disneyland time lapse video of the Columbia..  It is also interesting to see the crowd of people walk by.  Would you guess this day as being crowded, normal or somewhat light people wise?


Disneyland is more than rides. It is a magical place where you can have fun sitting and relaxing watching the people walk by! Some of the best people watching spots are:

  • Get a snack and spend some time watching the River of America there are many tables and chairs near the restaurants. (That is where this video was taken.)
  • New Orleans Square in the area outside the Haunted Mansion entrance and below New Orleans Square Station. This is actually my favorite spot.  (It is nice and shaded.)
  • Outside Sleeping Beauty’ Castle looking down towards Main Street. (There is a cart that serves lattes nearby!)
  • My final people watching spot is actually the Disney Train. There have been times I go around two or three times just watching people. The picture on the home page was taken from the Toon Town Station while I was people watching.

When is the best time to people watch?

You would think, “When I have been walking all day and want a break!”  While that is definitely  a great time to take a break and people watch, it is nice to people watch when the rides are long, or if it is a real hot day to take a walking break and get a cold drink or visa versa, on a cold day to get a hot drink.  Another good time to people watch is when a show is drawing near.  Send the kids off to a last ride and sit down and claim your perfect spot for the show.   It is fun to watch the different people walk by.  As you look around you will see the families that wear the same tee-shirt and wonder what they are celebrating or that family with the cutest little baby.   There maybe those kids you can see the Disney magic in their eyes.  Many people will dress up, not just kids!  I remember seeing this guy in all black, looking very spooky walk to the Haunted Mansion.  He FIT the look!  Of course, there are the cute little girls in their princess customizes. People watching is relaxing and fun.  Next time you go to one of the parks, I encourage you to pick a place, get snack or drink and just take it all the Disney magic around you in!

If you have a favorite spot where you take a break and people watch, share it in the comments.

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