Disney Paris in December – Brrrr!

Disneyland Park in Paris … is COLD in December!

But with that said, it was awesome. The magic of Disney did not disappoint. Coming from California, I was told by many, “Paris Disney is missing something.” Ok, I admit it didn’t have as many rides, and to be honest I think California has better food. But, the rides are awesome, they have fast passes and single rider lines so the time we spent waiting for rides was minimal, and all the Disney magic was there.  We were able to get on Pirates of the Caribbean about 4 ties Let me share some of the Paris Disney Magic with you…

It was cold and Christmas time, the park was decorated to celebrate the holidays!

The Phantom Manor is (in my opinion) the most story oriented haunted mansion.   It was one of my favorite rides!


Big Thunder Mountain Paris style!  It was AWESOME, I can see why this is one of the most popular rides in the Park.  We did get a fast pass to ride!  (I don’t have a picture but their Space Mountain ..was awesome as well, Paris knows how to do the fast rides)

Finally (for now, until I get photos of the camera) are a few pictures:



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