Planning A Disney World Vacation for the Family

Is it time to plan the family vacation? It can be a challenge to pick a destination and have everyone agree; it is “the” spot for the family vacation. One member may want to be the adventurous one and want to go somewhere that highlights fast and exciting adventures, where another family member may just want to sit next to the pool. One place to consider that caters to families with different taste is Disney World. It is one of the few destinations that suits the taste of the adventurer, the calm, relaxing book reader next to the pool, or even the foodie, looking for that satisfying meal.

You may think that planning a Disney Adventure for your family is out of your budget range. Of course, it goes without saying that a family of four or more has to take into consideration their budget when planning for such a trip. The good news is that Disney World many times offers great vacation deals that can save you a good deal of money if you know how to take advantage of them.

To start, you can search the internet for Disney Packages. If you Google “All-inclusive Disney World Vacation Packages,” you will find some of the current deals. You will find many great options and packages from different online travel sites, but my bet is the first option you find will be from Disney itself. Disney world wants you to visit their resorts! To do this, they many times have the best offers and packages available. You can check out the cost of staying at the Disney Resorts, such as The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa or Disney’s Yacht and Beach Resort. The Swan and Dolphin is another great choice for hotels. Disney will have different packages with different level of resorts. Packages include staying at Deluxe Disney hotels, to value packages with local hotels. There are even campgrounds that can be booked.

To really get the best options and choices, go to Disney’s office website for Disney World. Disney’s website has packages and can provide you with awesome discounts or value packages to make sure you are able to stay with them. Disney packages can include tickets, meal packages, and other activities tickets.

Another option is to look at booking a trip through a traditional travel agent. A travel agent can also help you get the best prices. They work with vacation packages on a daily basis and have access to discounts hidden deals that are not generally advertised. Travel agents are great at helping you book activities outside the Disney Parks as well.

If you use a travel agent, book online, or call Disney itself always make sure and read the fine print on any deals you may be considering. Make sure you understand any hidden fees, if meals are included and if there are any limitations or stipulations. Find out if your trip is refundable if some unforeseen emergency arises and your family cannot go. You are most likely booking your trips a few months in advance. There are times your plans will need to change. Try and prepare for any changes that may arise. Understanding your vacation package in advance will help you have an excellent trip at a great deal!





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